Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Logo ReDesign Contest

Will BP face criminal charges for the Deepwater Horizon disaster? Will the latest effort to stop the leak with a LMRP cap actually work? Will it be years or decades until the Gulf recovers environmentally, economically and spiritually from the damage done by the chain of events set off by BP's arrogance and irresponsibility?

Take a creative stab at BP by participating in the BP Logo ReDesign Contest. Deadline is June 12th so you still have over 129 hours to top the sample submissions below - or simple appreciate the talent and community of others around the world who want BP to be held accountable for the billion-dollar-and-growing disaster.

The contest sponsor challenges you to revise BP's current logo - by incorporating these three ideas:

#1 Oil spill disaster - Toxic
#2 Death of wildlife
#3 Incompetence

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