Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Congratulations Congresswoman Betty McCullum

There Is No Spoon would like to congratulate and thank Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) for introducing the Nonprofit Sector and Community Solutions Act, which is landmark legislation to improve the relationship between the federal government and nonprofit organizations. The bill will strengthen America's communities by making the federal government a more productive partner with nonprofit organizations through the establishment of better federal coordination, greater support for the work of nonprofit organizations, and the collection of meaningful data and research about nonprofits.

At the press conference this morning, Representative McCollum said:

"Every community in America, every congressional district is strengthened by the work of non-profit organizations. Government and all of us rely on the non-profit sector to implement and support public policies; however, as powerful and productive as the non-profit organizations are, their needs are not being addressed by congress or the Administration and that must change."

Representative McCollum, previously sat on the House State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Subcommittee, which funds State Department exchange programs. She is a strong supporter of exchanges and the Fulbright program, which I had the honor of being a part of in Berlin, Germany during the 07-08 academic year. One of the few representatives who was outspoken this year when Obama axed $250,000 from the Fullbright Program, she was also one of the only representatives to correspond with us Fulbrighters while we were abroad. In a short but sweet message to us, she wrote, "I am very proud of the work you do to make a difference in the lives of others." Its amazing how a simple moment of recognition reminds one of the part they play in this complex and interwoven world. I certainly took my responsibilities as a "cultural ambassador" more seriously. I also have followed McCollum ever since and very grateful to have her in the House. From all of us at There is No Spoon: "Keep up the good work!"

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Bill Jungbauer said...

Election year feel good legislation, Oh Boy! The best thing that could happen is for this bill to fail. It is nothing but another liberal/socialist expansion of government. Two new government agencies to oversee nonprofits. Imagine that! Our government sticking their noses where it doesn't belong doing nothing but creating another class of people dependent on the tax payer for their survival.

My best advice for Betty, Leave us alone, leave the free market alone, and Don't Tread on Me!

"If people come to believe that government will act in their place, they are less likely to become involved themselves. Indeed, we already see substantial evidence that private charitable giving tends to decline when government welfare increases." Michael D. Tanner

With this bill we will not only have welfare to people, but to non profits. Who gets to decide who gets what? A government bureaucracy! Another excuse to raise taxes to fund feel good legislation. How else can this be funded?