Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upset About BP Oil Spill, Obama says--and I quote--"I Want To Know Whose Ass To Kick"

Some will say the interview showed Obama at his realist. Others will say it was a Holywood attempt at populist empathy. Honestly, I cannot make up my mind what I think (and that does not happen often). One thing is for sure, this video clip reveals just how deeply and powerfully the anger, sadness, and frustration goes for the American people (especially those closest to the gulf) regarding to the British Petroleum accident that took place 49 days ago when one of BP's leased offshore deep water rigs exploded and killed eleven people. Unlike most cataclysmic events, it is difficult to point figures this time. Sure, we can say its BP's fault, and it is. We can say its Transocean's fault, and it is. We can say it's Haliburton's fault, and it is. But then what? None of it changes the fact that oil is still filling up our oceans and killing wildlife at an unfathomable rate. None of it changes the fact that when this is all over, it will easily eclipse the previous worst oil spill in history and go down in the record books for all to remember. It is impossible for long-term political and industrial changes not to take place. In the end, however, this whole event, as ugly and painful as it is, was the result of a horrific accident. Perhaps that is the most frustrating thing about Obama's words. Even the Prince of Cool is breaking down.

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