Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bike-Share programs...are Sinister!

So, I've become a cyclist of sorts the past few years. I love riding my bike in the city, or on trails. It's good exercise, it's fun, it's convenient, and it's good for the environment. There are a lot of us around, especially in cities, where it is often faster to bike somewhere than to take a subway, bus, or (people still do this from time to time) drive. Now, bike safety is sort of a problem - I've been hit by a bad driver, and it is not fun - but hopefully this will improve as we get more bike lanes, etc. And, less crazy bikers - you know, the people who decide to jut in and out of heavy and fast-moving traffic as if they were driving a car.

Anyway, as such, this story caught my eye and reminded me just how crazy some people are in this country, particularly people running for public office. I don't know if it's a secret requirement that you be one of the following before being allowed to run for office in America: a moron, massively corrupt, racist, filthy rich without ever having to work for it, all of the above. It sure seems like it these days, though. Anyway, one of the candidates for the office of Governor of Colorado, Democrat John Hickenlooper, has implemented a bike-share program as the Mayor of Denver that has been incredibly successful. People can rent bikes for pretty low prices, use them in the city when they need them, and drop them back off at a variety of locations. Seems pretty cool, right? Sure. If you hate America!

Yeah, so Republican candidate Dan Maes, a guy the Tea Party likes, is now arguing that the program is sinister. So what's his Democratic rival's secret plan? To turn Colorado into a United Nations community. Seriously.

First off, what the hell is a United Nations community? Second of all, is that actually a bad thing? Third, again, what is that? Fourth, what is the connection between setting up a bike share program in a city (that is very popular, btw) and the UN community? Fifth, again, what do you mean by a UN community? Sixth, really, you think bike programs are connected to that? Seventh, have you stopped taking your pills?

Think Progress has a blurb up on this. Honestly, this is one of the craziest and stupidest things I've ever heard. Yes, as we experience the hottest summer in the hottest year on record, we totally should say absolutely insane things to attack programs that encourage fewer cars on the roads, especially in cities. Oh warming isn't real. It snowed a lot in parts of the northeast this winter. Forgot about that. Screw all the scientific evidence, we should abide by a few specific storms.

So, yeah...can we make sure everybody running for public office is mentally stable and has an IQ that, at the very least, allows them to function in society? Because if we have to hear crap like this again, or candidates railing against budget deficits while refusing to budge on their support of the Bush tax cuts, I might just partake in some sinister renting a bike.

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