Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Changes at There is No Spoon - Podcasting Soon!

To all our readers: we'll be making a big change to the blog in the coming week or two. While there will still be occasional posts on the site, we'll be shifting to a (we hope) every-other-week podcast. We enjoy blogging, but feel that it would be more efficient for us to do a talk show. It is probably going to be easier for all of you as well. Instead of reading through a post, you can simply download the mp3 file for each podcast and listen to it on your subway ride, car ride, gym workout, etc. We're planning on having guests on our show when possible. Think of Real Time with Bill Maher - except with smart people! Anyway, we're excited about this transition, and we hope it makes it easier and more entertaining for all of you. Expect our first podcast any day now. The first show will be focused on the revolts in the Middle East.

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